Matthias Oostrik


Matthias Oostrik |1980| is an artist and software developer, based in Amsterdam. Oostrik creates audiovisual installation works that question technological developments and their impact on our lives. His work combines elements of digital art, installation art and film and makes use of experimental man-machine interaction.

In recent years his work was shown at Benaki Museum (GR) EYE (NL), Lexus Hybrid Art Fair (RU), Silicon Valley Contemporary (US), Soft Control (SI), Mapping Festival (CH) and TodaysArt (NL).

Oostrik collaborated with artist and scientist, including Marina Abramovic and Suzanne Dikker (MMMG, Mutual Wave Machine), Raphael Diluzio (Voices of Design) and Antoine Jully (Hidden Features).

Selected Exhibitions /Performances

* installation Mutual Wave Machine, 3LD, New York, 2016
* As One, installation Mutual Wave Machine, Benaki Museum, Athens, 2016
* Lowlands, installation Mutual Wave Machine, Biddinghuizen, 2015
* Lexus Hybrid Art Fair, installation Mutual Wave Machine, VDNKh Optika Pavilion, Moscow, 2014
* The Set, installation FlowTools, Paradiso Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam, 2014
* Silicon Valley Contemporary, installation Mutual Wave Machine, McEnery Convention Center, San Jose , 2014
* Oper am Rhein, performance Hidden Features, Deutsche oper am rhein, Dusseldorf, 2014
* N8, installation Mutual Wave Machine, Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam, 2013
* TodaysArt, installation Mutual Wave Machine, former ministry of information, the Hague, 2013
* Soft Control, installation MMMG, Umetnost, Maribor, 2013
* The Artist is Present, performance | installation MMMG, GarageCCC, Moscow, 2012
* Impossible worlds, installation Lost Presence, NIMK, Amsterdam, 2012
* TodaysArt, installation Entrance city hall, the Hague, 2011
* Sensation White, installation Cheap, Belgrade Arena, 2011
* Oddstream, installation Squares, Vasim, Nijmegen, 2011
* TodaysArt, installation Mondriaan, City Hall, The Hague, 2010
* U-turm, installation U-turm project, U-turm, Dortmund 2010
* iliketowatchtoo, installation mirror of broken time XL, Paradiso, Amsterdam, 2010
* Kunstgras, installation Corrugated Time, Utrecht 2010
* Installation Curtain vs. Mirror, Weteringschans, Amsterdam 2010
* Mapping Festival, installation | performance Mirror of Broken Time, MAMCO, Geneva, 2009
* iliketowatchtoo, installation E5 FireLight, Paradiso, Amsterdam, 2009
* Festival of Games, installation | performance Mirror of Broken Time, Utrecht 2009 and the , Geneva
* Versch, installation Liquid Time Mirror, 013, Tilburg 2008
* Moving Buildings, installation Video Chandelier 1.0, P60, Amstelveen,, 2008
* Versch, installation Liquid Time Mirror, Sugar Factory, Amsterdam, 2008
* ImageRadio Festival, installation E4 Interactive LightWall, former post office, Eindhoven, 2007

Selected Other Projects

* permanent instalation Moodwall Revisited, commissioned by the City of Amsterdam, 2015
* secret instalation Waterfall, 2014
* installation Voices of Design: 25 Years of Architalx, Portland museum of art, in collaboration with Raphael DiLuzio
and Ralph Appelbaum Associates, 2013
* installation Compatibility Racer, in collaboration with Lauren Silbert and others, 2012
* semi parmanent installation Spooktunnel Efteling, in collaboration with Muse & Beamsystems, 2011
* permanent installation E4.1 Bijlmer Moodwall, commissioned by Urban Alliance, Amsterdam Zuid Oost, 2009


2016 Matthias Oostrik