PLPLPL.PL is a dystopian art installation that inverts surveillance technology to provoke deviant behavior.
PLPLPL.PL features repurposed displays obtained from the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs, arranged as a spherical machine. Night vision equipment extends outward from its surface, while its interior completes the tech-noir aesthetic with an intricate web of wires and glowing hardware.
PLPLPL.PL uses the latest tech from the surveillance industry to capture and retain your every move. It compares your actions to all previous participants, constructing a visual montage highlighting similar behavior. By deliberately deviating from the norm, behaving like no one before you, you further shape the evolving machine. For only by behaving deviously you can reach the climax of the installation and fill the whole installation with your own presence.
PLPLPL.PL raises awareness about the omnipresent surveillance, smart technology, and data retention. It encourages viewers to consider the pervasive surveillance in contemporary society, where data is collected, stored, and correlated, often without our knowledge. Additionally, it confronts our propensity for self-exposure, underscoring our voluntary exhibitionism when we share our images with friends, the internet, and the world, serving as a stark reminder that our data and faces are in the hands of strangers.
PLPLPL.PL inverts surveillance technology in two distinct ways. Instead of discreetly operating behind the scenes, it foregrounds its algorithms and redirects them toward the audience. Most notably, rather than penalizing deviant behavior, the machine celebrates it.

'an interactive anti­-surveillance machine that could very well have originated from La Jetée, Blade Runner or THX 1138' TodaysArt


'er konfrontiert uns mit der Selbstauslieferung, unserem freiwilligen Exhibitionismus' Deutschlandfunk

'The machine that becomes happy from your deviant behaviour' V2


year 2016 - present

type audiovisual installation

media 48 channel video | 6 channel sound | 3 channel IR camera

runtime infinite

diameter 1.8 meter

weight 365 kg

footprint W*D*H 8x8x5 meters

video portraits collected 100.000+

software used C++ | OpenFrameworks | GLSL | openCV | ffMpeg | CUDA | TensorFlow | Max/MSP
BeamLab Presents NL | 2018
Gogbot NL | 2018
KAF NL | 2018
Oddstream NL | 2017
FOAM X Arles FR | 2017
FOAM Amsterdam NL | 2017
Eres Stiftung DE | 2017
NRW-Forum DE | 2016
Tweede Kamer der Staten Generaal NL | 2016
TodaysArt NL | 2016
V2 Institute for unstable media NL | 2016
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